2019/03/10 17:00
Mar 10 2019

What is our life? – Englische Chormusik der Renaissance und des Barock

  • 17:00
  • Neumünster Zürich

TonArt Zürich;

Freiburger Blechbläserquartett;
Martin Rabensteiner, Orgel;
Anna-Victoria Baltrusch, Leitung

Henry Purcell



Funeral music of Queen Mary:

March – Anthem “Man that is born of a woman” – Canzona – Anthem “In the midst of life” – Canzona – Anthem “Thou knowest, Lord” – March

Henry Purcell Voluntary for double organ
Thomas Tallis


Out from the deep I call to Thee
Orlando Gibbons


What is our life?
John Dowland


Flow my tears (Arrangement für gemischten Chor: Robin Doveton)
Melchior Schildt


Pavana Lachrymae

Bearbeitung über “Flow my tears” von John Dowland

William Boyce


Turn thee unto me o Lord
Andrea Gabrieli


Thomas Tallis If ye love me
William Byrd


Justorum animae
Richard Farrant (1525-1580) oder John Hilton d.Ä. (1565-1609) Lord, for thy tender mercy’s sake
Henry Purcell Airs du „Roi Arthur“ (arr. Jean Thilde)
William Boyce O where shall wisdom be found?
James Nares (1715-1783) Introduction and Fugue  a-moll/A-Dur
Adrian Batten


O Praise the Lord
Thomas Morley


Sing we and chant it
Giovanni Gabrieli


La Spiritata (arr. Matthias Linke)

Canzon a 4 (arr. Philip Jones)

Orlando Gibbons O clap your hands together all ye people